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    Sending bulk email for roping in new clients is a strong and effective marketing strategy. For any businessman, whether experienced or not, bulk email should be an integral part of his marketing plan. Bulk email marketing is more effective than other advertising media because when you broadcast your message to opt-in email lists, you are targeting people who have explicitly requested information about your products and services.

Features of Bulk Eamailer Softwares

Send sms with Name ID: In addition of sending SMS through your cell connected to the PC smsmailer also provides you the facility to  send SMS with Name ID (your name will go as ID and not the cell number)  without connecting your mobile and through internet directly from the software.  In this you can send lacs of SMS in minutes   ( you need to buy points for this)

Auto Generate Numbers for Cell Numbers Database: Auto Generate Numbers option can be used to generate numbers of your choice. You can generate numbers by providing the first 5 numbers and generate the balance numbers in sequence. Once generated it can be exported as excel to be ready to be scrubbed by ndnc. You can generate unlimited database.

Send Bulk Email attached with SMS alerts or only Bulk Emails: In this all your Emails sent will go with an attachment of SMS message to their mobile phone if the number is provided or just send bulk emails.

Send Bulk Email from Multiple Email A/cs : In this you can send bulk emails using multiple E-mail accounts.

Email address Extractor for Email Address Database: This facility allows you to get current  unlimited Database of Email addresses extracted from internet according to your category of clients. Extracts mail address from the web pages.- you can get the latest database of the category you need and this software will extract unlimited numbers of email IDs from internet for your targeted clients

Attractive Readymade Animated  templates for sending Emails: Choose from many readymade templates to send your emails to your clients with pictures and animations directly in the text box

Insert Picture or Brochure with pictures Directly in the Text box:An added advantage in SMSMAILER is to insert and modify and send pictures or brochurs in the mail text box. Instead of attachments. So that your clients can directly view the broucher in the mail text box.

Scheduler & Timer: This advanced facility is very useful for automatic payment reminder renewal reminder and remind you of all the daya to day work,  and to automatically schedule the software for sending SMS and mails you can set time and send single or multiple sms and emails at any time or date.  You have the facility to schedule and time unlimited multiple projects of single sms & emails or groups  of SMS & Emails or only SMS or only Emails

Scheduler & timer will work even when the application is closed

Email To SMS (Receive without a computer or internet in any mobile): The mails that come to your email will be forwarded to your mobile. You can add up to 4 numbers. This is very useful when you are travelling or out of your office  you can receive email without a computer or internet. In your mobile phone as SMS as 4 ro 5 messages. And you can also reply using the feature of SMS to E-mail

SMST2Email(Send Email without a computer or internet from any mobile): SMS2Email option can be used to send message to email. This option can be used if you are away from the system or travelling etc and need to send a mail immediately you can just send without a computer or internet from any ordinary mobile just type as SMS and send it to the mobile connected to your system it will go as email from your email address.

Auto Replies for E-mails with keyword: Auto Reply is an automatically generated mail. You can set unlimited no. of auto replies with unlimited no. of keywords. Particular  auto reply is sent to the mail received with that particular key word

Customize and personalize your bulk SMS messages: you can customize your bulk SMS messages by importing excel sheet and  by adding common words to particulars columns in seconds

Send emergency EMAIL & SMS: send important  Emails and SMS in-between while sending bulk SMS or Emails

Read Mail Report : This is a facility to know when , what date and time the recipient is opening and reading your email sent to him ( you need to buy points for the service)

Use single or multiple ID:You have a choice of using a single id or multiple ids. Some times your mail may be blocked if it is sent by the same user id from any free mail server.

Delay Time Option This is used to have a time delay between one mail and the next mail This is for the  client  tol feel that the messages are being sent by human and not automatically.

Importing Files:An option to import files from excel or word files.

Design your own email news letter

Import contact list from hotmail/gmail/yahoo/rediff to send e-mails instantly.

Export reports to Excel, text or Access files

Unsubscribe Option: Provide  option to recipients to unsubscribe. It automatically blocks the emails to be sent to that receipient

Block List For Emails : you can also mannualy block any particular email to be sent by adding that email address to the block list

Filter Option: Filter e-mails that should be sent as SMS to your phone.

Incoming E-mail rules : Specify rules for incoming E-mail based on any criteria. For example: E-mails from John should be forwarded to another E-mail address.

E-mail INBOX: Receive E-mails from ANY POP3 or IMAP account.Use with multiple E-mail accounts.

spam mailer

Pending list:

In case while you are working you have to stop sending the mails, the remaining mails will come to the pending list. You can send them later or remove them from the list. Using group names you can select the groups to which the mails or messages are pending.

Groups: Groups is to select a group name and click add group. The group name can be selected from the data already saved. This will be added to address wizard. In sending mails by group lists we can only send messages, we cannot customize them.

.InboxInbox is an option where you can save as many as email ids as you want. You can use as many as email ids as you want there is no limit.  You can use multiple ids in the same page; this is the advantage of the inbox option. You can compose and send it to groups which you have already saved.

Reports: you can view all reports of message sent time date and number sent etc. you have also the facility of exporting the reports in to word or excel sheet, from which it can be printed out or saved for further purposes. You can also print out the report or delete the option.

Block Numbers  - This is very useful when some of your clients don’t want to receive  SMS  removing some particular numbers from many groups of database manually will be very difficult. And see that you don’t add any group of numbers with that particular numbers. This software has facility to enter and block numbers you don’t need to send in future. Once entered  SMS will not be sent even if they are in any number of different old or new groups. Until removed.

Remove Duplicate Numbers: This is very useful when you use data base got from  elsewhere- Since almost all the data bases may have some of the cell numbers repeated many times at different places in the database. And if send without removing the duplicate numbers your clients may get badly annoyed if they receive the same message many times. To manually remove the duplicate nos will be Herculean task. These software just removes the duplicate numbers just at a click of a button. And stores it separately and shows you how many times these numbers where repeated.

Auto Shut Down Facility

Facility of forwarding emails

Facility to eliminate invalid email IDs and cell numbers

Hardware lock  facility available to Install and use it in any system you like and change systems unlimited no. of times


why Use Email Database ?

If you own an online business or are hoping to start one soon, you probably already know that you need an email database. What's unfortunate is that most people who start web businesses fail and many of those failures could be avoided if they just had an email database!

You've probably seen all of the hype about building a email database to promote your products and services. But, can you REALLY build a list overnight? No.

It's obvious that you absolutely need an e-mail database if you want to keep your business steadily making money.

When you have a database of people that you can contact at will and share your business message with, you have extreme power. The power that you have is the ability to get people to your web site, or into your store, or to call you on the phone. Doing this exposes people to your product and will lead to an increase in business.

Can you imagine how cool it would be if you turned a slow day into a busy, profitable day with one e-mail? The first time you do that, you will realize that you have given yourself an extreme edge in doing business.

Does your competition have an e-mail list? Probably not. When your competition is having slow days and spending a fortune on additional advertising on TV, the news paper, pay per click, and other advertising outlets, you will be sending out simple e-mails to increase business.

bulk emailer

Features of Global email database


  • Increase your sales
  • 90% Accuracy. Verified Database
  • More than 700 million Email ID's
  • 100% Targeted Email Database
  • Corpoarte & Individuals Email Database
  • High Conversion Rate
  • Quick response
  • Lowest Cost

We offer more than 700 million world- wide Email database in text format. We are always looking at ways to help our Client meet their goals. Database is also categorized according to countries and professions.

  1. Countries:


  2. Category wise:

    Agricultural, Automobile, Chemicals, Commercial, School, Companies, MLM, Industries, Computers, Cosmetics, Electronics, Realestate, Science, News, Food, Furnitute, Garments, Health, Hospital, Hotels, Law, Sports, Jewellery, Investments, Shops, Literature, Machines, Textiles, Toys, Students, Trading, Watch, All Financial Services, Travels, Transportation. etc....

    • Ebay emails
    • Facebook emails and profiles
    • Hotmail emails
    • Indian emails - City Wise
    • Indian emails - Category Wise
    • Media Worldwide Database
    • Political, Human Rights, Legal Activists
  • International emails - Area Wise
  • International emails - Category Wise
  • List for marketing - Get Super Traffic
  • Msn Emails
  • Yahoo Emails
  • Academic Institutions Database
  • Religious & Government Organisation


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